In response to Nassim Taleb's saying "A go...
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Michael (root) Michael (root) Написано:20.09.2015
In response to Nassim Taleb's saying "A good political system is the one that allows the country to have an idiot, or a team of idiots, at the top, without suffering from it."

Just Wet American dreams. Still, it is somewhat true, if you substitute "suffering" with "surviving". Romans believed in their res-publica a lot - in the early days of Roman Republic this meant something like "our thing", they actually associated their identity with "their thing", with the ability to build and maintain it. It took 5 centuries of empire to kill that belief and the idiots on the wheel were not scarce and the res-publica was more and more of a res-rex every day, and the Romans were less Romans year after year - by blood, belief and spirit. Who destroyed Rome then - the emperors or the Rome's "publica"? I'd say both - the "thing" the "res" (the material thing) is material only if its parts act as a mechanism and in human societies it is about believing and perceiving the social structure as a material thing and even as a world as we tend today. Such "things' live only as a product of human willingness to e part of them and to play a needed role, to take a place that must be filled in the mechanism. The Rex was just a change an upgrade/change of the mechanics of the system, but not a radical change in the conditions that made its parts to act as such. Yet the emperors were messenger of the looming end of the Roman's "thing" a manifestation of the growing egoism (at first) gradually displacing the will to be part of the thing and a manifestation of the madness taking roots in those Romans minds forgetting that their individual status as Romans depended on the existence of their Roman "thing". It happens again and again in history of the West - the European culture in all its incarnations - our "white man" social constructs are always dreams materialized into experiments that live only as long as the dreams responsible for their genesis. We the white men believe in all-powerful deities blessing us to follow our dreams into building frenzy and madness, when they start to fall apart and we are trying to keep them whole with futile persistence. We, the white men, are oblivious for the subtle differences between us and our almost white neighbors, we talk about the common roots of our religions, but we are blind to the lack of a "social building" streak in the Arab's dreams, we don't even wish to see the prevalence of a raw belief in moral justice over everything else in the hearts of our Russian cousins - a trait that led them to moral highs and moral depths nobody imagined possible, we are deaf to the voices of the Latin America - not registering the different meaning of that belief in all-powerful endorsement they embrace - a meaning outside the social structure, not a scaffolding for a social castle as we see it, but a home for the personal and family values. Yes we are ignorant fools and we are bound to produce idiots on top of our states and culture - the discrepancies always show in the end and they are vestiges of the end of an era. So, please do not believe in the wise thoughts coming from the feeble minds who base their own status of intelligence on humanitarian principles - these principles are part of the dream and the mind that does not know anything else, but human things cannot see its own self from the outside - for such a mind the human world is everything, the human world of its own dream.

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