Тоалетна поезия
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Тоалетна поезия


Мрежата е пълна с глупости, но всеки има още какво да каже!

Едно време му викахме ... сега му викаме микроблогинг. Та значи регистрирате се - безплатно е, а и нищо не се налага да казвате за себе си (освен ако не ви иде от вътре де) и споделете, каквото напира да излезе (няма значение от къде)!

Преди да се логнете на сайта моля проверете дали не сте яли боб!



Michael (root) Michael (root) Написано:23.09.2014
Image from the WEB (395 x 400) Jesus fucking Christ!
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Michael (root) Michael (root) Написано:30.01.2012
In the old days it was common for pirates to have less eyes than other people, today one can surely say the pirates see better than traders. For the traders today the Sea of Internet is too deep and too vast, hence their effort to make it an inland lake, the pirates, as the traders call them, on the other hand want the open seas to grow bigger and the oceans deeper. Guess where there will be more fish - in a private lake or in the open ocean.
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Michael (root) Michael (root) Написано:02.11.2011
Какъвто и диктатор да роди България все ще го интересува повече далаверата, отколкото владеенето на света...
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Michael (root) Michael (root) Написано:21.03.2011
In Bulgarian we call the toilet a "closet" (phonetically at least), which doesn't mean that a Bulgarian will pee in the wrong place if you let him or her in your house. Many western authors painted a (wrong) rude and savage portrait of the Bulgarians, but they are very very wrong - Bulgarians are not like Borat, they know full-well how to behave, they just don't feel like it most of the time.

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Michael (root) Michael (root) Написано:02.01.2011
Is it a murder the act between two consenting suicidal adults?
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