Тоалетна поезия
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Тоалетна поезия


Мрежата е пълна с глупости, но всеки има още какво да каже!

Едно време му викахме ... сега му викаме микроблогинг. Та значи регистрирате се - безплатно е, а и нищо не се налага да казвате за себе си (освен ако не ви иде от вътре де) и споделете, каквото напира да излезе (няма значение от къде)!

Преди да се логнете на сайта моля проверете дали не сте яли боб!



Michael (root) Michael (root) Написано:17.11.2017
Modern technology is mostly modern and much less technology.
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Michael (root) Michael (root) Написано:15.07.2017
Image from the WEB (480 x 480) Well, I agree with the man.
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Michael (root) Michael (root) Написано:06.08.2014
The most important quality one must have is the ability to always pay attention. We all have work to do and too little time for "other things", but this is not an excuse - anybody's personal freedom and our collective freedom depends on that ability. If you excuse yourself, you become a follower - one that believes anything just because he/she has no time to pay attention and at least check for consistency the truths received from the informational fast-food chains. The true news is coming as the food in a good restaurant - with some history and taste, with some company and some discussion, with some ceremony, some mystery and some doubt. The lies come quickly and they are always what you want and what you expect - just like burgers in a drive-through.
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Michael (root) Michael (root) Написано:25.03.2011
Image from the WEB (470 x 313) I am a vegetarian not because I love animals, but because I hate plants.
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Michael (root) Michael (root) Написано:17.01.2011
Агент Буда и агент Будала - целият български народ е агент на държавна сигурност.
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