Тоалетна поезия
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Тоалетна поезия


Мрежата е пълна с глупости, но всеки има още какво да каже!

Едно време му викахме ... сега му викаме микроблогинг. Та значи регистрирате се - безплатно е, а и нищо не се налага да казвате за себе си (освен ако не ви иде от вътре де) и споделете, каквото напира да излезе (няма значение от къде)!

Преди да се логнете на сайта моля проверете дали не сте яли боб!



Michael (root) Michael (root) Написано:05.09.2015
What's the difference between jesus and its painting? The paiting only needs one nail.
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Michael (root) Michael (root) Написано:23.09.2014
Image from the WEB (449 x 302) Ancient wisdom!
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Michael (root) Michael (root) Написано:04.03.2013
Звучи смешно, но само на пръв поглед. Единственият начин да се оправи страна като България е да се закрие държавата.


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Michael (root) Michael (root) Написано:02.11.2011
Any rule can be turned both ways, any man can be blackmailed in a lawful way. There is always a rule meant for good that can be turned into evil by putting it in the wrong context, the wrong time frame, applied to a wrong subject and so forth. The wrong and right are just subjective interpretations of subjectively selected facts.Official rules are only means for those who can and want to dress their personal interests into a good looking gown and put the interests of the others into the category often called "crime". In the end it is always a power struggle and the laws are just means to bring other people on your side against other people and get an edge ...
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Michael (root) Michael (root) Написано:28.12.2010
Money does not grow on trees - people do.
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