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Тоалетна поезия


Мрежата е пълна с глупости, но всеки има още какво да каже!

Едно време му викахме ... сега му викаме микроблогинг. Та значи регистрирате се - безплатно е, а и нищо не се налага да казвате за себе си (освен ако не ви иде от вътре де) и споделете, каквото напира да излезе (няма значение от къде)!

Преди да се логнете на сайта моля проверете дали не сте яли боб!



Michael (root) Michael (root) Написано:30.01.2012
In the old days it was common for pirates to have less eyes than other people, today one can surely say the pirates see better than traders. For the traders today the Sea of Internet is too deep and too vast, hence their effort to make it an inland lake, the pirates, as the traders call them, on the other hand want the open seas to grow bigger and the oceans deeper. Guess where there will be more fish - in a private lake or in the open ocean.
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Michael (root) Michael (root) Написано:06.01.2012
Untitled.png (   339.1Kb) (500 x 378) Лайна с праз!

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Michael (root) Michael (root) Написано:10.07.2011
Long live the revolutions! The wheel of History rotates with thousands of revolutions per age and will not stop turning until the ultimate victory of all revolutions!
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Michael (root) Michael (root) Написано:17.06.2011
The aristocracy spent centuries to teach people they should feel like needing it and feeding it. The bureaucracy and the management of the modern world was much quicker. Now we hate capitalism, hate feudalism, socialism and all the other "ism"-s, but we still live like always - we feed and empower a bunch of lazy people, not scientists, not wise men, just men eager to feel better than the rest, people who think they know better and they deserve better... Nothing changes, the differences are just a matter of voicing out the same reality with different words.
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Michael (root) Michael (root) Написано:20.04.2011
The Anti-Gravity protests continue around the world. Governments still refuse to lower the gravity constant. Economist says: Governments underestimate the gravity of the situation.
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