Тоалетна поезия
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Тоалетна поезия


Мрежата е пълна с глупости, но всеки има още какво да каже!

Едно време му викахме ... сега му викаме микроблогинг. Та значи регистрирате се - безплатно е, а и нищо не се налага да казвате за себе си (освен ако не ви иде от вътре де) и споделете, каквото напира да излезе (няма значение от къде)!

Преди да се логнете на сайта моля проверете дали не сте яли боб!



Michael (root) Michael (root) Написано:21.11.2014
Image from the WEB (520 x 390) And there are idiots who hate cats for that.
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Michael (root) Michael (root) Написано:26.08.2014
Gus.png (    19.7Kb) (520 x 457) ГЪЗ!
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Michael (root) Michael (root) Написано:31.01.2012
Counterfeiting the God's image since 100000 BC.
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Michael (root) Michael (root) Написано:19.06.2011
Money can buy happiness, but the taxes are killing me.
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Michael (root) Michael (root) Написано:15.05.2011
Innovation and technology always cause trouble. The unprepared perceives the extensive usage of anything new as dependency, addiction or even a decease. He will easily transfer his judgement from those like him to those who really make and use the new stuff, but ultimately this is the view of a displaced observer - one who thinks it is important to be normal and "normal" means to be like him.

The funny thing about all that is the evolutionists often like to think the small numbers of quick adopters of new and more appropriate ways of living will win, but they forget a lesson their own "god" has taught to innumerable generations of living creatures - there is a strength in the numbers, the smart or the quick not always win.
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